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Church Life Resources is a church health and transformation consultancy. Since launching in late 2004, over 3,000 pastors and churches from various denominations have participated in consultation cohorts, and more than 300 persons have participated in educational and certification cohorts offered by Church Life.

Armed with a tested process that works, the purpose of Church Life is clear: God desires churches to breathe His fresh spiritual vitality so they can accomplish His vision and purposes. CLR assists churches in rebuilding Pentecostal spirituality, discerning vision and mission, restoring spiritual community, and strategically planning for advancement and transformation so each church can accomplish the mission of Christ in its cultural context.

Church Life gives a paradigm that provides a practical Penecostal ecclesiology for the pastor to build a Spirit filled church. The process promotes the development of a custom, strategic plan in accordance with the churches individual DNA.

Jimmy White

I wanted to work on my masters degree in a program that would help me develop the philosophy and tools for a lifetime of local church ministry. Through the Church Life Cohort, I found what I was looking for. I can't imagine an educational experience being more practical.

Brad Leach

In many ways, I was the one keeping the church from fulfilling its full potential. I had 1000 excuses why couldn't participate, such as I don't have time, and I am too busy. Thank God I didn't listen to the excuses.

Wayne Murray

Through the Church Life Educational Cohort, I experienced personal and ministerial transformation in an environment fueled by relevancy, driven by practicality, and empowered by a spirit of renewal. I will never be the same again!

Mike Harper

As superintendent of the north Texas District of the assemblies, I prayerfully researched and search for process to move our pastors and churches on the path to health and effectiveness. My search ended when I discovered Church Life.

Rick Debose

Personal development, along with assessments of the churches ministries from internal sources as well as external sources, has released at the creativity in me and in the leadership. It also has provided a map for us to guide the changes in a strategic way.

Greg Hackett

Church life is a strategic, comprehensive approach to the ministry that leaves all the windows open so the spirit can breathe life into the local church. I have adopted the church life approach to ministry because I simply have not found anything better.

Pastor Jay West

It aids in understanding the indispensable biblical components that are crucial to the life of the church and how they relate to one another. It is fully Pentecostal in that it realizes the necessity of the spirit to breathe life upon every aspect of the church and to guide and direct in the fulfillment of mission.

Pastor Maria Kaleel

The church life model is the most comprehensive organizational understanding of the internal and external church leadership and ministry design I have ever discovered.

Pastor Ron Crum
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